State Board Contacts

AAUW MO Board 2019-20

** Please refer to member handbooks for direct contact information, or make a request through the contact form on this website.

Kay Meyer, President
Lynne Roney, Vice President for Programs
Sue Barley, Vice President for Membership
Sue Shineman, President-elect
Patricia Braley, Finance Officer
Nancy Hutchins, Communications/Aide-de-Camp/Facebook Administrator
Diane Ludwig, Communications/Newsletter Editor/Directory Editor
Mable Davis, Communications/Facebook Manager/Diversity Chair
A. Patricia Shores, Public Policy Chair
Marianne Fues, Governance Chair
Jane Biers, Historian/College/University Relations Co-chair
Deborah McWard, College/University Relations Co-chair
Patti Jachowicz, College/University Relations Co-chair
Linda Berube, Parliamentarian
Lynne Roney, Co-Web Manager
Patricia Bishop, Co-Web Manager
Ellen Johnson, AAUW Fund
Marsha Koch, Secretary
Jan Scott, Immediate Past President
Debra McArthur, Kansas City IBC Chair
Shirley Breeze, St. Louis Metro IBC Co-chair
Pat Kelemen, St. Louis Metro IBC Co-chair
Sue Barley, National Liaison
Betty Takahashi, Missouri History Day Chair
Pam Kulp, Branch Incentive Program Co-chair
Teri Brecht, Branch Incentive Program Co-chair

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