Forms for Branches


#1:  Branch Incentive Program 2016-17

AAUW MO offers two Incentive Grants to branches:  the Peg Witt Fund (up to $450), and the AAUW MO Reserve Fund (up to $775).  These grants are intended for branch member enrichment, help for new or returning branches, assistance in attending AAUW events and special projects that support program enrichment. Click on the forms below to learn more and to apply! 

Explanation of the Grant program.  Open this form to learn how to apply for grant funds.
Two forms of the actual grant application are given below.  The WORD form can be downloaded, saved, typed upon on your computer, and then attached to an email to be submitted.
The pdf form will open, then should be saved, printed out and postally mailed for submission.
Application Form for the Grant Program funds (WORD)  
Application Form for the Grant Program funds (pdf) –

#2-The STAR and GALAXY Awards for Branch Achievements

Grant Information and application forms for STAR and GALAXY AWARDS are available here.  Again, the WORD form may be saved, typed upon, and attached to an email to be submitted.  The pdf form can only be saved, printed, filled out by hand  and postally mailed in.
WORD application for the STAR award.
PDF application for the STAR Award.
WORD application for the Galaxy Award.
PDF Application for the Galaxy Award.



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