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AAUW 2022-2023 Fellowships & Grants  –  Missouri Sponsors
This information was provided by Susan Barley, AAUWMO Fund Officer

In the 2022-23 academic year, AAUW awarded over $6M in fellowships and grants to 320 women and community projects.   There are 14 endowments established by AAUW Missouri, AAUW Missouri Branches, and AAUW Missouri members that sponsor fellowships and grants each year.

American Fellowships

Justine Therese Lamperty   (Tulane University – New Orleans) #1608   Leona J. Beckmann

Tiffany Williams   (Tennessee State University – Nashville)
#1061    Vassie J. Hill

International Fellowships

Aparajita Santra  (University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign)   #1168   Chloe E. Millikan

Matilda Adeboye  (Loyola University – Chicago)  
#1148   Blanche H. Dow

Deepika Chhillar  (University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign) #1172   Mary Alice Parrish

            Career Development Grants

Lliana Pichardo Urrutia   (University of Texas – El Paso)    #1465   Missouri State Division Anniversary

Uchenna Ogu   (University of Colorado – Denver)  
#1364   Independence (MO) Branch
#1639   Kansas City (MO) Branch/Dora Johnson
#1768   Ferguson-Florissant (MO) Branch/Shirley Breeze
#4037   F. Elaine Richardson Fund (MO 2003-04)
#4112   Ballwin-Chesterfield (MO) Branch
#4286   Ballwin-Chesterfield (MO) Branch Silver Anniversary

Laura Wilkinson Sinton   (Arizona State University – Tempe)     #4009    Missouri Diamond Jubilee

Joyce Litu   (Prairie View A & M University – Texas)       #4280    Maryville (MO) Branch/Opal Eckert

Information about recipients may be found on the AAUW website: