AAUWMO Honorees

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The Outstanding Member Award, introduced in 2011, is given to one or more members who have made significant contributions to the mission of AAUW of advocacy, education, and research, together with outstanding support of AAUW Missouri. Honorees are selected by a Board committee chaired by the vice president for membership.

2010-11 Susan Barley, Jane Biers, Marsha Koch
2011-12 Gloria Bandstra, Grace Butler, Carol Davis McDonald, Betty Takahashi
2012-13 Holly Burgess, Ellen Johnson, Joyce Katz, Pat Shores
2013-14 Susan Barley, Renee Hornsby, Yvonne Morrison
2014-15 Shirley Breeze, Julia Triplett
2015-16 Linda Berube
2016-17 Karen Francis, Pat Shores
2017-18 Marsha Koch
2018-19 Marianne Fues
2019-20 Lynne Roney
2020-21 Ellen Irons, Sue Shineman


The biennial Woman of Distinction Award is given to an outstanding AAUW member or members who have promoted the mission and values of AAUW in their branch and community. Honorees are selected by a committee chaired by the president-elect. The 2020 awardee will be honored in 2021.

Donna Myers, Woman of Distinction         

Marj Boudreax, Woman of Distinction

The 2021 awardees were Donna Myers and Marie Boudreux.

1984   Barbara Lackritz (Creve Coeur)
1986   Ella Bettinger  (St. Louis)
1988   Dr. Joyce Dana (Richmond)
1990   Dr. Diane Brukardt (Columbia),  Opal Calvert Eckert (Maryville)
1992   Shirley Breeze (Ferguson-Florissant), Betty Cook Rottmann (Columbia)
1994   Kathy Dains (Columbia)
1996   Grace Butler (Columbia)
1998   Patt Braley (Independence), Dr. Nancy Gerber (Ferguson-Florissant)
2000   Shirley Garhart (Creve Coeur)
2002   Alyse Stoll (Raytown)
2004   Carol Davis McDonald (Kirkwood-Webster Groves),  Ardy Pearson (Kansas City)
2006   Jean Shull (Kirkwood-Webster Groves)
2008   Toni Thornton (Independence)
2010   Dr. Jane Biers  (Columbia)
2012  Julia Triplett (Ballwin-Chesterfield)
2014  Joyce Guard Schuetz (Creve Coeur), Betty Takahashi (St. Charles)
2016  Mary Emily Kitterman (Kansas City ),  Dr. A. Patricia (Pat) Shores (Ballwin-      ………Chesterfield),  Maurita Stueck (Kirkwood-Webster Groves)
2018 Diane Ludwig (Columbia), Carolyn Gray Thornton (Nevada)
2021 Donna Myers and Marie Boudreux


The State Named Gift Award was presented through 2009 to recognize members who had made significant contributions to the work of the state Board and AAUW MO. Honorees were selected by a Board committee consisting of the president and EF and LAF chairs. After AAUW discontinued national Named Gift awards, the state discontinued this award.

2006  Janet Huss, Marsha Koch, Lynne Roney, Alyse Stoll
2007 Linda Berube, Betty Dusing, Joyce Katz, Linda Vestal
2008 AAUW Ballwin-Chesterfield Missouri Branch, Diane Ludwig, Deborah McWard, Yvonne Morrison, Jan Scott, Dorothy Smith, Connie Stoker
2009 Sue Barley, Joyce Katz, Debbie McWard, Christine Stricker, Julie Triplett