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Special Note to Branches:  See our forms for branches page for award applications for the state Incentives programs.

Kansas City Interbranch Council  2017-18 Chair
Stephanie Holthaus
St. Louis Interbranch Council 2018-19 Cochairs Shirley Breeze and Pat Kelemen
Below: Missouri Branch contacts for 2018-2019 (in process of being updated)
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Ballwin-Chesterfield (west Saint Louis County, daytime meetings)      See a current newsletter Co-Presidents: Marcia Block and Jean Elliott
Co-VP Membership: Mersine Kallaos and Angela Janik
Boonville (central Missouri) President: Paula Danner, Vanessa Melton
Secretary: Mary Angelo
Canton  (northeast Missouri) President:  Carol Mathieson
Secretary: Jeanne Johnson
Cape Girardeau (southeast Missouri)  President: Joan Gones
Finance Officer: Jean Cairns
Columbia  (central Missouri) See a current newsletter President: Linda Evans
Membership: Cynthia Louden
Ferguson-Florissant  (north Saint Louis County)    See a current newsletter Presidents: Pamela Meyers
MembershipCarolyn Herkstroeter,
Carolynn Henning
Independence  (Kansas City area)  See a current Newsletter President:   Sue Shineman
Membership: Sue Raymond, Jolene Cerveny
Jefferson City   (central Missouri, state capitol) President:   Charlotte Parsons
Finance Officer: Carol Bontempo
Joplin   (southwest Missouri) President:    Susan Haggerty
Membership: Lorraine Whittington 
Kansas City   (western Missouri)  Visit the website to see newsletters  Co-Presidents: Stefanie Hatfield and Ellen Johnson
Membership: Teri Wichman
Kansas City-Northland   (western Missouri)  See a current newsletter President: Kathleen Welton
Membership: Susie Watson

Kirkwood-Webster Groves   (central Saint Louis County)    See a current newsletter President: Chris Nobbe
Membership: Debbie McWard
Maryville   (northwest Missouri) For a current newsletter, contact the President PresidentStacee Calfee
Membership: Joy Daggs
Nevada     (southwest Missouri)
  See a current newsletter
President: Sheryl Baer
Membership: Alison Fast
Parkville   (Kansas City area) See a current newsletter Communications: Debra McArthur
Membership: Ann Schultis
St. Charles   (Saint Louis area) See a current newsletter President: Betty Takahashi
MembershipSharon Schooler
St. Louis  (eastern Missouri) 
See a current newsletter
Co-Presidents: Carol Davis McDonald, Jan Scott
Springfield  (southwest Missouri)