Missouri Legislative Corner

Who Are My State Legislators? How Do I Find Out the Status of Legislation? How Do I Tell Them My Opinion?

You can find out your state senator and representative and how to contact them, as well as follow links to check on bill information, state government, hearing schedules, the state constitution and statutes, and many other government-related items at the Missouri General Assembly website.  You will need to give your address.  Here is a direct link: http://www.senate.mo.gov/LegisLookup/default.aspx

From your legislator’s home page there, you can click on his or her e-mail address and send an e-mail right now!

New!   View bills of interest that are before our Missouri legislature, when it is in session.

Keep informed on  legislation before the Missouri Senate.  Read Jill Schupp’s March bulletin.  Jill is a state Senator from the St. Louis County area.  

Missouri Legislative Tracker from PBS. From the hundreds of bills filed, the tracker’s focus is on bills that reflect what the legislature’s leaders, the area’s elected officials and statewide-elected officials have said are their priorities.
Readers can follow bills in five categories: education, elections and ethics, guns, health, and jobs and the economy. A sixth category, recent actions, tracks bills on which the legislature has most recently acted.

JUST IN!  A discussion of post-election implications in the AAUW Publication “In The Statehouse”.  Especially of note is the (boldfaced) paragraph on how AAUW priorities fared since the election.